A brief biography of Margaret Neylon

Margaret NeylonIn June, 1994 I was unemployed, depressed and broke. Then my angel told me Give a course called ‘Talking With Angels’. I listened to the guidance and developed a course of that title and began to give workshops all over Ireland, as well as in the UK and Australia.

Being the first person in Ireland to talk openly about connections with angels, the media were interested in my story and I had very supportive coverage. My life was transformed. When I was commissioned to write Angel Magic for Thorsons the future looked even brighter. The book was also published in the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, South America, Russia, Germany, Latvia and as far away as Japan.  I now travel all over the world giving workshops based on this and other books I have written more recently.  (See Shop).

From small beginnings, I have also developed several different workshops. I am now busily self-employed, happy and solvent!

I have been working in the holistic healing field since the mid-90s, and have had weekly spots on Today FM with Ian Dempsey for many years, as well as being a weekly guest on RTE’s Open House. I write occasionally for the Examiner Newspaper and Sunday World Magazine and have had my own shows on local community radio.  I love to hear from readers of my book so do get in touch!

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